Bashar Nawaz (Hindi)


Duration: 25 mins

Available Regions:



Jayprad Desai


Pooja Gaikwad

Produced by:

Nilesh Raut

Music by:

Vishal Khurana


“Khwab Zindagi Aur Main… Bashar Nawaz” or ENG TITLE “Bashar Nawaz… Through the eyes of a poet” looks at life and times through the eyes of a poet. Bashar Nawaz has been an eminent but rather unsung Urdu Poet. His ghazals and poems have been included in almost all the anthologies of best Urdu poetry in modern times. His ghazals have been used in a few films like Bazaar and also sung by the likes of Mehdi Hasan, Ghulam Ali in their private albums. However, Bashar Nawaz has always shied away from the limelight and lived a secluded life in Aurangabad, his place of birth, amidst the people. His poetry and views on life are distinguished by his undying love for humanity. The film tries to chronicle life and times through the eyes of a poet. Hence 'Khwab, zindagi aur main'. Elements of documentary and fiction are fused together.

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